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The Wright Path Motivational Interviewing Course Descriptions

Basics of MI - 1 Day:  This is the initial one-day course.  Participants will receive an introduction to concepts about readiness to change,  MI spirit and principles, microskills of MI (OARS), managing resistance and change talk.

MI Strategies - 1 Day:  A follow-through for MI Basic providing additional interactive role play utilizing practice in the microskills while following the Spirit of MI.  This also introduces  strategies, Phase II skills, and integration of the concepts in complete MI session.  You must have completed the Basics of MI to be entered into this course.

MI Basics and Strategies - 2 Days:  This two day course introduces the concepts covered in MI skill and strategies.  Participants will receive more advanced information about the concepts about readiness to change, MI spirit and principles, micro-skills of MI , managing resistance and change talk.  It also moves into more advanced skills and more role-playing using situations from the agency.  The two day combination offers a seamless integration and offers better opportunities to address agency specific issues.  Most MINT trainers regard this type of 2 day training as the minimum needed to begin building proficiency in MI.

Extended Skill Building and Integration - 3 Day: Includes all the skills and strategies of the above courses and provides additional time for feedback and coaching around performance of the MI skills.  It permits focused work on integration of the skills in the agency work setting.  Can be followed through via audio/video contacts. 

Intermediate Skill Building: This is a customized course for those in an agency who have at least completed the Basics and Strategies and can demonstrate proficiency via a recorded session.  The course focuses on practicing listening skills in a directive manner, using different forms of summaries more effectively, and eliciting and responding to change talk, working with different forms of resistance agency specific.  Focus is on agency real clinical situations and examples.

 Advanced Skills in Motivational Interviewing:  Designed as an individualized process for individuals, or small groups, in an agency who wish more hands-on follow-through and coaching.  There will be individualized feed back and coaching. This will including using the MITI 3.1.1 as a base for written assessments with written feedback on Globals and Behavior Counts with a follow-through coaching phone/video conference with a MINT member.  Individuals involved in this must have had MI training with a MINT member or provide a 20 minute session demonstrating MI proficiency.

Motivational Interviewing Coding Skill: Practitioners will be taught the basic skills o fMI coding using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI 3.1.1).  These skill can be used to code personal, or other MI trained practitioners, sessions.  An individual taking this should be consistent in proficiency in MI.

Building Leadership for your Agency:  This is similar to the individualized advanced skills in MI in that it is individualized or in small groups.  Any MI Leader is a practitioner that encourages co-workers to use new practices in an agency. This person does not have to be the most proficient in the use of the new method, but needs to be enthusiastic about its potential benefits.  Recent research indicates that “champions” or “leaders” may positively influence the adoption and maintenance of MI skills within an agency.  The part of training also provides individualized feed back with ideas of how to implement MI and/or working with reticent clinicians.


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